Saturday, October 23, 2021

Joe & The Shitboys point out the golden rules to saving the world with their new single ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’

The four-piece Joe & The Shitboys have just dropped their brand-new track ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’ to warm up the music world for their upcoming second album ‘The Reason For Hardcore Vibes (Again)’. The album will be released on the 16th November via Tutl Records, featuring the already revealed ‘Pull The Trigger’, ‘Manspredator’, and ‘Closeted HomoFobe’.

If you know relatively little about the band, Greta Thunberg would fit in perfectly as their bodyguard. The self-proclaimed bisexual vegan punks founded the band in an attempt to call out the discriminative conservative environment present in their home nation of the Faroe Islands – where homophobes and misogynists are killing the rock vibes.


Joe & The Shitboys have played all manners of gigs, from the G! Festival and the Faroese Music Awards (where they won Artist of the Year), to DIY gigs on rooftops, underwater tunnels, skateparks, and even museums. The levels of effort the boys put in to making sure their music is heard has not gone unnoticed, as they have received a wide array of journalistic support ranging from NME, DIY, Dork, The Line of Best Fit, Gigwise, to Brooklyn Vegan, and even from the one and only Iggy Pop – who sang their praises on BBC Radio 6.


With ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’ the boys have bowled a strike – and a brilliant one at that. Forget about the expletive in its title, ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’ is a child friendly song. Its syncopated chords, simple lyrics, and 55 seconds of pure punk-rock energy will be easily remembered and hopefully used as a jingle to prevent water waste while kids are brushing their teeth. This track might be short, but its point needs no more elaboration. We must stop messing around and start separating trash, shortening our time in the shower, and recycle (at the bare minimum).


In the so-called “modern era” where every social revolution has the bitter aftertaste of homologation, this queer-vegan punk outfit is a breath of fresh air.


Martina Bovetta 


Image: ‘Save the Planet, You Dumb Shit’ Official Single Artwork

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