Saturday, October 23, 2021

Becky Hill Puts On a Party at Plymouth Pavilions

Becky Hill raised the roof at Plymouth Pavilions on the last night of her UK tour, and The Voice star certainly made it one to never forget.

The stage had an incredible set up - the band and her backing singers stood in neon cubes which illuminated with a rainbow of colours during the set.

The stunning visuals,  combined with the energetic crowd made the gig feel more like a rave rather than a concert.

The pop princess had a set which was full of non-stop dance bops, kicking the evening off with ‘Heaven On My Mind’. This was then followed by ‘Afterglow’, which is arguably her biggest tune. Phones filled the air as the youngsters wanted to record the song and cherish the moment forever.  

Becky then sang ‘False Alarm’, another recent chart-topper, before taking a moment to thank the crowd for being there and for coming out to see her - going on to explain how grateful she is that every single show she has played on this tour has been sold out, which in itself is quite an achievement. The singer tells the crowd that the next song is a ‘lovey-dovey’ track, and asks us to put our arms around the people standing next to us before introducing ‘I Could Get Used To This’, followed by ‘I Got You’. 

The set then slows down a little, Becky presents her band and sings some slower songs with them, which gives the predominantly younger crowd a chance to sway, sing along and turn their flash lights on. The singer opens up a little and lets us see her vulnerable side when telling us the story behind ‘Distance’, which was written during Covid, and dedicates the song to everyone in the room that has lost someone. 

Becky proceeds to turn the notch back up with ‘Lose Control’, which transitions straight into ‘My Heart Goes’. The show felt like a non-stop party, with the crowd bouncing and chanting - Becky certainly felt the energy from the crowd as she was jumping around the stage and joining in with the fun.

During ‘Gecko’ she asked the audience to put their phones away, stop recording and live in the moment. For a minute or two, it was like we were transported to a pre-technology era, and it was nice to see hands in the air instead of screens - the crowd were truly cherishing every second. 

Becky then ends the show by telling us that the next three songs were her last,  finishing with ‘Better Off Without You’, ‘Wish You Well’ and ‘Remember’ with no break in between the songs, before exiting the stage for the final time. 

It is safe to say that the city of Plymouth certainly welcomed Becky with open arms, and there is no doubt that we won’t be forgetting this night anytime soon. 



  1. Heaven On My Mind

  2. Afterglow

  3. Through The Night

  4. False Alarm

  5. Could Be Somebody

  6. I Could Get Used To This

  7. I Got You

  8. Lessons

  9. Business

  10.  Distance

  11. Perfect People

  12. Lose Control

  13. My Heart Goes (La Di Da)

  14. Gecko

  15.  Last Time 

  16. Better Off Without You 

  17. Wish You Well

  18. Remember


Rosie Morrison


Images: Rosie Morrison

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