Friday, October 22, 2021

Griff Taps Into Vulnerability On ‘One Night – Stripped Version’, Ahead Of UK Tour

Griff, whose full name is Sarah Faith Griffiths, is one of the most exciting up-and-coming musical talents in the UK right now. 

Recently crowned 'Rising Star' at this year’s Brit Awards, where she also snuck in a photo-op with Taylor Swift, she has had a very rapid ascension into the spotlight. 

Her debut single, ‘Mirror Talk’, hit the scene in 2019, and she has since had success with the hit ‘Black Hole’ amongst others from her critically acclaimed debut mixtape, ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’. 

Now, ahead of her first-ever solo tour, which will kick off on the 22nd of October, Griff has released a stripped version of her most recent post-mixtape single, ‘One Night’. While the original release featured an upbeat pop backing track, the stripped version highlights the fiercely emotional lyrics of the song. It also showcases the unique and impressive vocals of the twenty-year-old singer-songwriter. 

Speaking to Clash, Griff explained that “‘One Night’ is about feeling like you’re always carrying this darkness or burden. I think in the daytime we can feel distracted because we’re around people and we’re busy, but that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, there’s just enough silence for those burdens to get louder.” 

‘One Night – Stripped Version’ kicks off by highlighting Griff’s haunting vocals with very minimal backing. The track’s apex, its chorus, is accompanied in the original version by a bombastic explosion of pop. In this remix, Griff’s voice is given room to shine. Its subdued and near-strained sound makes the desperation in her plea to have “One night / Where it’s just me alone” even more heart-breaking. The echoey layer that reverberates beneath the vocals calls to mind the recently released music video for ‘One Night’, where Griff dances alongside her shadow. 

Overall, it is an irresistibly emotive and vulnerable track. Perhaps more significantly, it allows the singer to demonstrate that her capabilities do extend way beyond the constraints of pop conventions. 

Eleanor Burleigh

Image: ‘One Night – Stripped Version’ Official Single Cover

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