Friday, October 22, 2021

Bleak Mystique Are Back With The Second Instalment Of ‘Pageantry, Vol.2’

The indie-punk trio from Denver, Bleak Mystique, are back with their second EP ‘Pageantry, Vol.2’. 

The band, consisting of Sam Shapiro (Vocals, Guitar) Aidan Hutchings (Bass) and Hayden Bosch (Drums) have been busy with another EP, consisting of four fiery tracks that are sure to help with the inevitable incoming autumn chill.  

This follows the ‘Pageantry Vol.1’ edition released earlier this year in June. 

The EP starts with a bang with ‘So Much Fun’ as it ropes the audience in immediately and whisks the listener away to the ‘90s/early noughties American Pop/Punk era with irresistible hard-hitting fills, power-chords, guitar solos, and provocative lyrics dashed with a hint of sarcasm.   

‘When I’m Not Around’ is the next track to follow and is more of an alternative approach to the music’. The listener witnesses a sudden decline in tempo and dynamics for most of the track and the music touches on a sombre note from both an instrumental and lyrical perspective. ‘’I’m so sorry I talk so loud//I’m a whore yet I’m so proud’’ offers a little food for thought as the music adopts a more subtle and delicate approach.   

Punk rock resurfaces once more for the third and penultimate track called ‘Kite’. The fast-paced tune starts with a sizzling snare fill to take the track into a ferocious musical interlude before dropping slightly to leave room for the vocals. The song fluctuates dynamically between a cross-stick rhythm and a straight heavy-hitting 4/4 beat with lots of crash, ride, and screaming at the end of the song to unleash the tension and bring the word moshpit to the forefront of everybody’s minds.    

The final track on the EP is the crescendo building ‘Way Out There’. The tune starts with a cross stick rhythm providing a gentle pulse whilst the guitar riff sets a soothing and medicinal tone. The song progresses and becomes more open in the second verse. There is a dynamic shift and injection of pace into the tempo to create more tension as the music drifts between a common and cut common meter in the solo and towards the end of the song. It is here where the frontman Sam Shapiro screams ‘’Hey, way out there, there’s a girl out there with flowers in her hair’’ as the music and the EP reaches its climax.   

The Denver trios latest offerings are undoubtedly bound to be popular with their fans and will definitely be a hit over here in the UK too! A couple of things to add about the EP is that it is packed with raw energy as it combines punk with an alternative twist to create four top tracks that are much needed for the autumn playlist. 


Antony Bailey  


Image: Erika Peterson

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