Sunday, September 19, 2021

Walt's Frozen Head Returns with a Symphonic Garage grove

Hailing from Leeds, psych-rock and avant-garde pop outfit Walt’s Frozen Head, caustically recaptures our imagination on their most recent single 'Low Hum'

With noticeable influences from acts such as MGMT, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Beck, and Blur; Walt's Frozen Head showcase's their pension for all things, psychedelic, fuzzy, and experimental and delivers another musically cinematic, grungy, and elicit piece of music.

The song opens with a simple stoic drum pattern, accompanied by a buzzing synth bass for a few measures before the vocals come in. Nearing the pre-chorus, each progressive measure offers a blistering new array of sonic textures ebbing and flowing through and around the cavalcade of fuzzy and distorting guitars.

A constant bevy of voices in varying states of disarray assault the senses in a way that would almost be all too much were it not for its strategic placing in the mix to rise and fall in the right moments alongside the steady and guiding hand of the synth and piano-based Symphonic arrangement that surrounds it. 

The tempo picks up as the chorus begins giving the bass a heavier quality and the vocals become more chanty but the most stand-out part of this section is the guitar saddled with these crazy effects that resemble both human voices and animalistic groaning. The section directly following the chorus falls back into the symphonic pocket of the parts prior, almost evoking a sort of King Crimson vibe in the process.

In the final few seconds of the songs, we are treated to a reframing of the main driving dumb beat re-syncopated to mimic the sound of orchestral stabs with the strings and wiring pianos used to punctuate each stab. The vocal delivery throughout the track straddles the line between eerie and frantic from verse to chorus.

All in all, 'Low Hum' is a fascinating cross of 60s psych-rock experimentation and punk that comes together to form an exciting and engaging song.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: Walt's Frozen Head - 'Low Hum' Official Album Cover (PRESS)

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