Sunday, September 19, 2021

Live: Billie Marten // King Tuts Glasgow

Billie Marten’s music is quintessential for a sunny Sunday morning sat outside with a cup of coffee... or for an intimate gig in King Tuts, Glasgow (16th September 2021). This venue was perfect for her ambient electric guitar tones, wispy vocals, and soft jazz-like percussion. This show is the kickstart to her widespread UK tour, and what a start it was...

Rising to fame at only twelve years old after finding viral prominence, Marten has had years to perfect her craft. Elegant and gentle in her stage presence, Marten’s love for music is all too clear.

She’s subtly confident, not needing to hide the fact that she is still so young - at only 22.

In a unique cross between Folk and Jazz, Marten’s music succeeds genres in the perfect blend of two opposing categories. Marten uses her strong vocal performances to transcend space and time to deliver narratives through her music in an engaging and witty way. Her personality combined with her musicianship leaves you in no doubt you are in the company of someone who is destined for the top.

Since this was my first intimate show after two years because of the pandemic it was an incredibly emotional experience. Hearing Marten’s beautiful voice sing my favourite song of hers ‘Human Replacement’ and watching the crowd in awe of her is a truly unforgettable experience.

Marten’s songs, although rather relaxing, are somewhat thought-provoking, with a certain type of darkness coming through. With renditions of her top tracks sending the crowd of adoring fans into a frenzy, it's no doubt that Marten is set to skyrocket through the music scene for years to come.

This was a gig that ticked all the boxes for me. An artist at the top of her game… Tick. The crowd enjoying every moment without a single phone in sight... tick. A great venue... Tick 


Marten has a lot to offer, and it would be a joy to see her come to Glasgow again.­­­­­­

Co-authors: Paul MacFie and Lana Williams

Images: Paul MacFie

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