Sunday, September 05, 2021

The Qwarks are back with their new garage rock inspired album, ‘The Qwarks Are Cancelled’

Fans of The Qwarks will be ecstatic to hear that the band have released their long-awaited album, ‘The Qwarks Are Cancelled’. Filled with groovy and energetic sounds throughout, this is one that you will not want to miss.

Something that was immediately noticeable was the title of the album. ‘Cancel culture’ (as we know it now) is a relatively new concept, constructed by young people on social media. When comparing the title with the style of music that this album showcases, there is almost a contrast between the two.

The punk, garage rock style originated from around the 1960s, and when combining some themes that are discussed within the album, it is, in a way, like two worlds combining. This makes their music very intriguing and allows it to appeal to a much wider audience. 

The album begins with their hit song ‘Lizard People’, which was previously released in March 2021. The tune oozes British rock culture and contains a raw and lively sound. The song seems to be a reference to a popular conspiracy theory, claiming that many people have turned into reptilians in order to assist the government in manipulating the general public. Upon listening, the lyrics explain that “a disco damaged bloke, he said that, “I know the truth”".

Their choice to combine humour into their lyrics is unique and engaging - as there is truly a story throughout the entirety of the song.

Throughout the album, there are many tracks that almost serve the purpose of an interval - they are all voicemail messages, with no background sounds or instruments. There are four of these types of tracks, and they are all spoken by someone called Jeannie. With some of them being humorous, they tie in well with the theme of many other tracks on the album and act as a great segway into the tracks that come afterward. It makes the album feel personal, and more like an experience when listening to it from start to finish.

A song that really stood out to me when listening for the first time was ‘A Long Way Home’. The tune contains a rhythmic guitar sound, along with energetic drums.

It sounded as if it could fit perfectly into a coming-of-age movie, where the main character is preparing to do something that they probably shouldn’t be.

Alongside the rock and roll vibe that this album radiates, there are also many tunes to listen to when you’re in a more of a calm mood, such as ‘Terrible Boo Boo’ and Lemon Curd’. Both of these songs are a lot more relaxed and slow, but still contain the band’s signature guitar riffs and unique vocals, whilst telling stories all at the same time. 

The Qwarks' newest album is most definitely one you should be adding to your music library. Not only are their guitar riffs exciting and rhythmic, but their vocals are artistic, making their music sound passionate and entertaining. If you are a fan of garage punk rock, The Qwarks are definitely a band you should be listening to.

Connie Burke


Image: The Qwarks ‘The Qwarks Are Cancelled’ Official cover art

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