Sunday, September 05, 2021

Jacob George Band release the fun spirited ‘Mama’s Girl’

Florida-based Jacob George Band release their punchy new single ‘Mama’s Girl’, a fun classic rock tune with some groovy bass licks.

Recorded, mixed, and finished in a home studio in Miami, FL during the lockdown, this single is a real labour of love for the band. It is now thankfully released for the rest of the world to hear, not just the walls of the home studio. It is clear this was recorded in a comfortable environment as the lead vocals are sung with a rather laidback and relaxed tone that only enhances the lyrics and the vocal performance further.


The trio have bought a real feel-good vibe to this track. The drums are present and punchy and the bass guitar is allowed to have free reign and includes some nice riffs that add to the track. The song is very cohesive, the verses and choruses blend effortlessly into each other, being glued nicely by some nice backing guitar and the driving bass. The lyrics are fun and upbeat, speaking about a “Mama’s girl” simply “watching the world go by”. The bridge has a really effective crescendo with a screaming guitar solo allowed to run free as the lyrics “you don’t know what to do/so you tell yourself it’s gonna be ok” are sung. 

This really speaks to the fun and free-spirit nature of the song, although you may not know what’s going on in life right now, you know in the end it’s going to be alright - a really important message given the current climate.


Dan Jones 

@DanJonesNews @danjones_98

Image: ’Mama’s Girl’ Official Single Cover

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