Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Strawberry Guy’s newest single is an idyllic taste of what’s to come on his debut album

Sun Outside My Window’ is the latest single from Welsh-born and Liverpool based songwriter Strawberry Guy, A.K.A Alex Stephens. 

This lo-fi, piano driven dream pop lullaby is soothing, and full of that warm, hazy, end of Summer feeling. 

It is evident that Strawberry Guy composed his latest single with the utmost care.

Stephens’ talent really shines through on this one man project; it’s layered seamlessly and the chord progressions flow with such ease. Stephens expressed his desire to create something that sounded authentically complex, saying in an interview with Melodic that “I want it to sound like I’ve squeezed an 80-piece orchestra into my room, and for listeners to wonder how all those strings got there”.


The song truly works like some sort of perfect natural cycle, a placid surface disguising an undertow of keys and strings and saxophone that just pulls you into this dreamy state – allowing the listener to appreciate the finer details. Lyrically, while seeming mostly quite direct and at some points hard to decipher as it melted into the instrumental, it feels genuinely inspired. It seems as if Stephens was really drawing from a personal experience as he sonically paints the listener a vibrant picture of what he’s seen.


Along with the song comes a suitably fitting music video. Full of lush greenery and grand rural landscapes, the visuals deliver an awe-inspiring kick; or perhaps just more of a nudge, that helps provide the single with this spacey sense of scale. It grows from a charming and somewhat quaint little bedroom-made track to this much larger, almost Tolkienesque piece with its rolling hills and crumbling castles to accompany such a soundtrack.


With a release like this, Strawberry Guy’s future seems to be looking bright. With his debut album out on October 29th, ‘Sun Outside My Window’, and live shows scheduled on November 6th and November 27th at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester and The Lexington in London respectively, it seems like the ‘Sun Outside His (My) Window’ isn’t going to set anytime soon.


Morgan Springer

Image: Kate Davies/ @k.dvi


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