Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Galaxy Shores Take You Out Of This World With ‘Sphallolia’

Psychedelic Rock project, Galaxy Shores, have returned with new single, ‘Spahallolia’.

A track which ironically, given the name of the band, takes the listener on a journey into a different world.

Like many recent musical masterpieces from around the globe, Galaxy Shores was formed in quarantine.

The project was created by Josh Herren, a multi-instrumentalist who created the whole of ‘Spahallolia’, from the mixing, recording, writing and is behind every feeling that we experience when listening to this track. 

 The single is full of many different musical elements, including distorted and unique sound effects , a low bass, and powerful vocals. Josh creates a unique sound that has the listener gripped until the very end.  

Although the track is very modern, there is no doubt that the single would have been very popular in the ‘60s/’70s due to its psychedelic feel. ‘Spahallolia’ is reminiscent of ‘60s bands such as Pink Floyd, but also has hints of modern bands such as Tame Impala.

If one was to google the meaning of Spahallolia, they would find out that it can be defined as ‘Flirtatious talking that leads to nowhere.’ These themes are most definitely reflected in the lyrics: "Believe me I know, you’ll never be mine, we’re both on our own time."

The single tells a story of how the protagonist's relationship with another can’t go anywhere, and ultimately leads to nowhere, no matter how much they want it to work. The lyrics are bittersweet and talk about lovers that can never be together.  

Sphallolalia’ is the third track released by Galaxy Shores, followed on from ‘Another Day’ and ‘I Guess It’s Time’ and are taken from Josh’s debut EP which is yet to be announced. 


Rosie Morrison


Image: 'Sphallolia' Official Single Cover


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