Sunday, September 26, 2021

Feel ready to take on not just the world but yourself with Pixey’s new track ‘Take Me On’

Pixey has teased even more of what’s to come on her upcoming EP ‘Sunshine State’ with this third single, ‘Take Me On’.

She dropped her latest track alongside an equally captivating music video that takes place in a gym and boxing ring.

‘Take Me On’ continues Pixey’s classic bubblegum-pop style that she creates so naturally, as seen on her other releases this year, ‘Sunshine State’ and ‘Life In Stereo’.

Each line hits like a punch, as she sings “I think you fuck with me/You’re not enough for me”, before going on to prove that her training is paying off- “So carry on take me on”

The accompanying music video features Pixey working out and training before taking herself on in the boxing ring in the ultimate battle. The close up shaky camera shots flick between the two Pixey’s fighting as the chorus takes over, sucking the listener into this intense fight in a manner so hypnotic the only way to snap out of it is for the fight to end.

With one Pixey victorious, the other lays on the ground and finishes the track, softly singing the final line, “Take me home”

Both Pixey and the track command attention, not only with her actions in the video, but with her empowering lyrics. It’s impossible to not feel on top of the world and in control with lines like “Shut your mouth let me speak will ya?”

Listeners can easily relate to the hard work that Pixey puts into building self-confidence and resilience and just how much it pays off when you succeed. You can see just how hard she pushes herself in the video, especially as she wrote on Instagram that “the video nearly killed [her] off”.

If you’re already craving more from Pixey, her next EP ‘Sunshine State’ is coming 29th October packed with 6 tracks, and on top of that, she will be playing her first headline show in Liverpool 3rd November. 

‘Sunshine State’ Tracklist:

1. Life In Stereo

2. Sunshine State

3. Shine On

4. Take Me On

5. Day Dreaming

6. Heaven

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘Sunshine State’ Official EP Artwork

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