Sunday, August 29, 2021

Vibe and groove to Loraine Club’s single, ‘Starting Now’

Whether shopping in an H&M, driving with the windows open, cleaning your place, or just grooving out, Loraine Club’s track, ‘Starting Now’, is the perfect addition to your musical collection of go-tos. Any listener will surely want to sing and dance along to its infectious melody.

Upon first listen of ‘Starting Now’, I immediately began nodding my head to the beat and once the bass kicks in, you’re set in motion. In this way, Loraine Club draws you in within the first moments of the track; rhythmic strumming of flangey guitars, synth pads, and vocals saturated with reverb are sure to capture anyone's attention.


With a mixture of falsetto singing, sustained synths and unique percussive elements like the shaker, the Irish six-piece remind me of Tame Impala in this funky bass-led song. I also found myself likening this track to something that Roosevelt would put out if he were an indie band rather than a solo producer/songwriter.


The song continues with a consistent beat throughout with the band making small changes to what happens above the constant bassline and drum beat. About three-quarters of the way through, the song comes into a breakdown jam session that gets me so excited to see Loraine Club play this in a live setting or perhaps a music video, giving us another angle to the song.


Released on August 10 as part of their EP, ‘Desire’ Loraine Club has a unique way of creating a soundscape that is funky, rhythmic, and is just overall… cool!


I’m excited to discover more of Loraine Club’s work and to see them continue to grow. Call this song what you want, indie, disco, funk, or R&B, this is certainly a track you won’t want to miss. Add it to your playlists, like it on Spotify, follow the band, and let’s get this song performed live!



Christian Koller


Image: ‘Desire’ Official EP Artwork

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