Sunday, August 29, 2021

Indie-rock quartet Salsola have released their new track, ‘The Seekers’

Combining their signature guitar hooks and memorable melodies, Salsola have delved into new auditory territory with their latest song as they revealed on their SoundCloud page that they aimed to incorporate "a more atmospheric feel as it approaches its conclusion”.

After forming in 2017, Salsola have made ripples in the scene through their energetic performances across the country, from pubs to festivals, and more recently, live streams. Despite ‘The Seekers’ only being released less than a month ago, the Durham based band have received huge appraisal and support, to which they are “blown away by”, as shared in a recent Instagram post. 

‘The Seekers’ opens up with the lyrics: “back the start to find an ending/ and we’re all pretending away/ close your eyes you won’t forget it/ just what we wanted to be”. Vicky Wright’s raw approach to vocals is what truly carries the message across; there is a sense of nostalgic pain that can’t be ignored when listening to her voice. 

Intertwined with the undeniable talent from the rest of the band (guitarist Peter Wright, bassist Kev Kaye, and drummer Luke Murray), the song is both vibrant and soulful. Towards the end, we are blessed with a stellar solo, and it’s here where the atmosphere reaches its full awakening. It’s a carousel of catharsis as Vicky Wright poignantly sings the chorus for the final time: “Don't give up i'll find you/ if you go dark i'll go there too/ these empty words are killing you/ don’t give up i'll find you."

Whilst it may be different to their previous grunge and alternative-rock tracks ‘Destruction’ and ‘Cass’, breaking musical boundaries with ‘The Seekers’ is proof that Salsola are limitless and fluid in their creativity, and that they have the ability to produce something that is genuinely profound and evocative. 

Naoimi Johanna 


Image: Salsola Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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