Friday, August 13, 2021

There’s A Flower Growing Out Of Drew Tachine’s Telephone On His New Single

LA-based drummer and producer Drew Tachine has released his debut single as a solo artist, which is titled ‘There’s A Flower Growing Out Of My Telephone’. Before listening to the single, Drew Tachine’s Spotify description provides a pretty good introduction to who he is as both a person and an artist; he describes his music as being “written by and for caffeine junkies”.

The track takes the form of a gentle acoustic ballad, built around and driven by tender strums of the acoustic guitar and subtle, haunting strings. Midway through the track, a repetitive drum beat is introduced to the instrumental. This additional layer of sound contributes to the song’s increasing complexity, whilst providing a repetitive rhythm throughout the second half of the track.

Another welcome addition that is introduced partway through the track are the occasional backing vocals, which are performed by a female vocalist. They serve to emphasise certain moments and lyrics within the song, such as “The curtains close, the house lights flash” and “The greener grass, the sky so grey”, giving them a haunting beauty.

One of the most striking and attention-grabbing elements of ‘There’s A Flower Growing Out Of My Telephone’ is the long and unique song title. The title is taken from the opening lyric: “There’s a flower growing out of my telephone / And wrapping around my wrist”. These complex and metaphorical lyrics demonstrate Drew Tachine’s impressive song-writing, presenting him as an experienced and talented lyricist.

With his debut single showing so much promise, it’s impossible to listen to ‘There’s A Flower Growing Out Of My Telephone’ without wondering what Drew Tachine has planned for the future following its release. Whether he has further singles, an EP, or a full-length album in the works, Drew Tachine is an artist who surely has an exciting career ahead of him.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: ‘There’s A Flower Growing Out Of My Telephone’ single artwork


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