Saturday, August 14, 2021

Checking out Lauran Hibberd’s 'Goober' EP

She may well have been on the British music scene since she was 15, but she sounds like a fully established mainstream pro. In that time Lauran has released three EP’s, 'Goober' being the most recent one, keep both your musical ears and eyes out for over the next coming months. And if her EP, 'Goober', is anything to go by then you can be re-assured that we can expect even more great things from her.

Now it may only have six singles but it definitely has something going on with regards to musical potential. The songs include tracks such as 'Bleugh', 'Old Nudes' and 'Crush', Lauren Hibbard is a talented musician and singer songwriter in the making. Now this EP, 'Goober', will be her third, following on from her second, 'Everything is Dogs', which came out in 2019.

Lauran certainly doesn't shy away from American-style rock as is evident in 'Bleugh’. It is thoroughly upbeat straight from the word go and has that American rock sound all the way through. Fantastic from start to finish.

Absolutely filled to the brim with rock and doesn't fall shy of the mark for 'You Never Looked So Cool'. It has a steady pace from start to finish and never seems to go overboard with its guitar riffs, drum beats or with Lauran’s singing. Overall, not a bad rock track for your listening pleasure

This time, Lauran heads straight into the slightly darker subject matter with 'Old Nudes'. It comes across in quite a strong way whilst also sounding somewhat creepy if you listen carefully to the lyrics. They seem to reference sexting, blackmail and extortion and there is a line that appears in the chorus which sets a slightly creepier and darker mood to the subject matter “Why did I have to comprehend all that money that I spend/ making nothing but my bed”.

Just listening to this you get to hear some of Lauran's rock influences in 'Boy Bye'. Echoes 90’s female rock, think along the lines of Elastica, Alishia’s Attic and Hole and you will get the idea but either way sounds great. With regards to the subject matter, it has quite a sombre tone a few seconds after the intro which takes a somewhat more sinister tone into something along the lines of negative views on self-worth.

You can definitely hear her musical influences if you listen closely enough. Growing up, Lauren was inspired by Laura Marling, Feist and Lucy Rose and they were definitely strong female artists and singer-songwriters. Also, there is quite a strong influence of American female rock the mix as well such as Courtney Love.

This is an EP that is worthy of your rock playlist.

Adam Joel Humphreys


Image: Official EP artwork

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