Monday, August 09, 2021

Molly Burch’s ‘Romantic Images’ teaches us how to love ourselves first

After a crazy year of being in lockdown, American singer, song-writer Molly Burch has released her third studio album, ‘Romantic Images’. 

Burch uses this new record as an opportunity to explore the impact romantic films have had on her perceptions of love and relationships. As listeners, we’re able to experience and share her fantasies, joining her on this journey of self-discovery. 

It isn’t an album about falling solely in love with another person, it's about questioning what that means, how that looks, and highlighting how different that can be from the movies. Most importantly, it pushes us to spend more time loving ourselves.

Molly worked with a variety of female creatives on this album such as the likes of Tennis’ Alaina Moore and Pat Riley, highlighting the importance of supporting other female artists. As women, we’ve all been fed this narrative on love and how we should react in regards to the subject. We’ve got to show what it is we have to offer and what can happen if you challenge that narrative.


Burch has created a sound so unique and intriguing that you can’t help but listen to each and every tune. Her background in jazz really shines through in each of the tracks on this album. She’s developed a compilation of songs that blend beautifully into one another whilst also telling a story. 


Starting with ‘Control’, we’re met with a soft piano introduction that has an old Hollywood feel to it, again hinting to the classic films that fuelled her fantasies. She sings about how loving someone isn’t easy; it requires us to let go and lose control. She also hints at how once you find someone you truly love, it opens your eyes to what love really is and feels like. 


‘Heart of Gold’ explores feelings of being completely besotted by someone. She sings about what it's like to have someone completely cloud your thoughts and judgements – something we’ve all been through. The track highlights the journey you go on, from obsession and excitement to doubt and desperation. The song also touches on the feelings of wanting to be with someone who truly sees you for who you are.


The fifth song on the album, ‘New Beginning’, explores the beauty of coming out the other side of a relationship and starting this new journey of learning to love yourself first. We’re all so used to putting someone else before ourselves but this track teaches us to discard those traits and work on the relationship we have with ourselves. Burch’s steady vocals, paired with the mellow guitar and drums, confidently reassures the point she is making.


‘Took a Minute’ is a really fun and upbeat track. She uses lyrics and a synth inspired sound to create a tune that sounds just like the feeling of falling in love with someone unexpected. That is what is great about Molly Burch, she uses music to translate all the feelings that surround being in love; the good, the bad and the ugly.


The final track on the album, ‘Back in Time’, shows us what it’s like when you reflect on what could have been or what you could have done differently. It’s about using the past as a building block for your future, rather than dwelling on what you didn’t do. Accept your mistakes and use them to work on yourself because the most important thing is loving who you are. 


Molly Burch is a revolutionary artist, using her voice to highlight emotions and thoughts we all feel. She shows us that when it comes to love there is no right or wrong and we aren’t alone in what we are feeling but the key is to learn to love yourself first. We can’t wait to see what else is to come from Molly. 


Catherine Frediani


Image: Official Album Artwork  

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