Sunday, August 08, 2021

MEET... Alfa Mist

Alfa Mist bringing Jazz and hip-hop into another light within the UK music scene...

Alfa Mist started his music career in grime and hip-hop before discovering the Jazz world. Even though he likes to stay low-key, his music has over 350,000 monthly listeners. Now he is the man fusing jazz into British hip-hop culture. Alfa Mist taught himself how to play the piano before the age of 20 and has been inspired by various Jazz artists such as Miles Davis and Hip-hop artists such as J.Dilla. Mist has stayed sampling Jazz music for years as it made him feel something deep, something he simply couldn’t put into words.

Mist has dug deep into the Jazz archives to find rich sounds that can be sampled into something which becomes completely his own.

In Alfa Mist's Antiphon project released in March 2017, he features some of his own spoken-word vocals onto his music. Mists siblings have also made guest features on his tracks; speaking on family values and mental health. This has added a certain depth to his music whilst raising awareness about a difficult topic amongst his listeners - not only able to add a story and a meaning behind his tracks, but also start a conversation to normalise talking about mental health issues. The antiphon project is soul-influenced as well as jazz he claims it reminds him of London if it was a lot less rainy.

Earlier this year in April 2020, Sekito released a re-mastered version of Alfa Mists & Emmavie’s collaboration project from 2014, Epoch. The version includes his latest ‘Energy’ as a bonus song. The word Epoch pronounced (ee-pock) means a certain time in a person's life when you feel nostalgic about where you were and what you were doing when you first heard a song. Alpha Mist described this word on an Instagram post. The vinyl version is sold out on most platforms but is available to stream via Spotify and other streaming platforms. The EP features eight songs, and the elements in the production represent poetry, love and soul with an inner-city touch, which takes you right back to the golden era of hip-hop and soul.

The song ‘No need to wait’ on the EP really gives you the feeling that you are in a familiar place. The lyrics are relatable and the beat hits the old school soul vibe which is perfect for soothing a chaotic mind. The vocals will surely add some much needed calm to any playlist with the combination of melodic and hypnotising instrumentation. The production is lo-fi and has soft Rhodes keys with loose snappy drums giving you a London summer rooftop feel of a happier time. 

Seray Sulun

Insta: @sspetal

Image: Alfa Mist Bandcamp

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