Monday, August 16, 2021

MEET…. The New Up

The San-Fran couple combine politics, emotion and personal experience in one delicious sounding cocktail….

After meeting at a music festival, Noah Reid and ES Pitcher formed The New Up and have been creating what they refer to as “Electro Garage Rock” ever since. With three self-released EPs (Gold, Better Off, Broken Machine) and one full-length (Place of Industrial Hope) under their belt, The New Up continued on this trajectory to released Tiny Mirrors, their second full length album in 2017. 

With the album being born in a trinity of locations, from a self-built studio to a secluded barn, it managed to crash into the NACC Top 200 Chart. It also marks The New Up’s first collaboration, in the form of DJ Jack Frost. This collaboration spurred the band’s exploration of a more electronic sound. 

With the album reflecting personal experiences to the political climate at the time, it is both a nod to zeitgeist and emotion. 

Concerning the album, Pitcher saidWe forget how much were truly connected, and how on a bare-bones level were all the same”. This feeling is encapsulated by “Almost Human”, in which The New Up ponder the ingredients of human connection. 

With vocals reminiscent of a siren lure, on “Black Swan”, the album’s most popular track according to the Spotify algorithm, Pitcher reflects on the rebellion against loneliness. Now, perhaps more than ever in a COVID-19 world, music proves a certain path to the unconscious. For music guaranteed to get you on this path, you can count on The New Up. “

Lily Quarton-Parsons 

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