Monday, August 16, 2021

Liz Cooper’s reflection of her alter ego in her new single ‘Hot Sass’


Liz Cooper's new track, ‘Hot Sass,’ awes us with its exquisite blend of folk-rock and punk intensity. Cooper's eagerly anticipated new album, titled ‘Hot Sass,’ will be released on September 3rd. It’s safe to say that we're likely to be spellbound if the album is anything like this single.


After being the former frontwoman of Liz Cooper & The Stampede, the new track uses seductive vocals and killer guitar to depict the tale of Cooper's newfound freedom.

Cooper shares her thoughts behind the song, “‘Hot Sass’ is a big fuck you to myself. It’s me looking within at the mess I’ve made and then picking up the pieces only to throw them all into my orange furry purse to savour for later. It’s my alter ego, the outcast and glue of the record. The sound of low lows and high highs and the stillness in between.”

Rolling Stone has praised Cooper's musical ability, describing her as having an idiosyncratic vocal approach" that carries her folk-rock music into the psychedelic region, and we couldn’t agree more. Cooper's vocals on 'Hot Sass' are reminiscent of Blondi's Debbie Harry, with a contemporary rock tinge. We can’t help but be enthralled by her, with vocals that are both seductive and edgy. 


The new single comes after the debut release of ‘Slice of Life’, which was released last June. With twelve new songs on the new album, we get a better feel of who Liz Cooper is and her path of self-discovery as she reflects her life through mesmerising music. 


Cooper expresses her thoughts on the album, saying, “It’s me learning about what kind of woman I am and it’s not pretty all the time…I’m still processing these songs. Still reflecting. And I think that’s the thing—Hot Sass is just a stamp in time of what was happening in my life. I just want to continue making art that displays myself, the moments, and the people around me.” 

If the album is anything like the new singles, we're in for a treat and should expect to be blown away. Although, we're excited to hear how Cooper has mirrored her life experiences in the songs, which will undoubtedly accurately express Cooper's maturity and artistry. The tracklist alone is enough to get our hopes up. Here: 



1. Slice of Life 

2. Heart Shaped Candy 

3. Motorcycle 

4. Hot Sass 

5. Feeling Good 

6. Lucky Charm 

7. Getting Closer 

8. Shoot The Moon 

9. Fragile Lips 

10. Je T’aime 

11. My Oh My 

12. Smoke Break 


'Fragile Lips' and 'Je T’aime,' for example, seem to be deeply intimate song titles that already speak of personal, relatable topics. People enjoy being able to relate to honest, passionate experiences that help them identify with music. Cooper's creativity can already be seen in the song titles, which are unusually distinct and unique, such as Heart Shaped Candy and Smoke Break. They serve as sneak peeks of the innovative, captivating music that we will undoubtedly adore. 


Moreover, Cooper will promote the new record with a big headlining tour this fall, which will run from September until the beginning of December. Details here: 


You can find details of Cooper’s new album here: 

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Image:  ‘Hot Sass’ official single artwork

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