Friday, August 27, 2021

Gavin Conway throws a stone into the music world with debut single

Gavin Conway is no stranger to the music world. Prior to venturing into a solo career, the Dublin-based artist established a name for himself as a radio and club DJ, hosting the show Late Nite Funk on Phever Radio and DJing as part of Seshin Collective. However, with the release of his debut single, ‘Throw A Stone’, Conway strays from house music and dips his toe into alt-rock, proving his versatility.

The track is a rough, edgy exploration of the frustration, overwhelm and grit that comes with chasing a dream. 

The lyrics speak to the feeling of having your dream in sight but being weighed down by the pressure, hustle, and breakneck speed required to achieve it. In an age that is busier and faster than ever, lyrics such as “Chasing after all of your dreams / Trying to find a place to hide where the noise can’t find you now” and “I’m chasing waves I just can’t catch / This stream is just a trap” resonate especially deeply. 

The feeling of holding onto the hope of making your dream a reality while being overwhelmed by pressure and stress is universally relatable. Conway captures this beautifully in his lyrics. 


The production of ‘Throw A Stone’ places Conway’s voice front and center with minimal background vocals. His rich, real tone lends itself well to the subject matter and does an excellent job of conveying the frustration expressed in the lyrics. The track is gritty, heavily featuring acoustic guitar in the verses and electric guitar in the chorus. The verses are more understated in contrast to the booming chorus, which bursts through with heavy electric guitar and drums to accompany Conway’s strong vocals. 


Gavin Conway’s debut release is relatable, memorable and honest. It has all the right ingredients for a successful solo career and we will undoubtedly be hearing more from him in the future. 


Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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