Saturday, August 07, 2021

‘Canaries’ – the perfect emblem against danger in Cuffed Up’s new single

Fans of Wolf Alice and Pixies, as well as of indie rock old and new, will be pleasantly surprised by Cuffed Up's new single ‘Canaries.’ 

The Los Angeles based band consisting of Sapphire Jewell, Ralph Torrefrance, Joe Liptock and Vic Odonez bonded over their shared love of the UK punk scene, exemplified by acts such as IDLES and Shame. Together they formed Cuffed Up and made their debut at the end of 2019 with an A-side that was followed by a self-titled EP and now a fresh, new single. 

The intro to ‘Canaries' has hard rock undertones, making it gritty and fierce.

The adrenaline fuelled tone is comparable to Korn’s ‘Freak On A Leash’, harbouring the same edgy guitar elements. However, the soaring vocals are reminiscent of older indie-rock bands such as Pixies and Wolf Alice. 

Jewell, the lead vocalist, sings the lyrics in such a raw, sultry way that we’re compelled to listen. “The canaries fainted a while ago/ But still down, down to the den he goes”.  Singing about ignoring possible red flags and pushing on nevertheless, she relies on the intensity of her voice to indicate the danger signs.  

“The truth is heavier than lies/ Open that chest love, it’s for the best love/ Don’t settle down don’t compromise”. The lyrics are practically revolutionary in nature, exhorting the listener to pay attention to those indicators before it’s too late. 

Many people can relate to this experience of becoming trapped in a problematic situation, guided by feelings of shame. The band shared their insight on the track: Sometimes we become numb to the burdens we carry, like the sensation of needles when you cut off circulation.  

The message is clear, and it is delivered in a captivating, radical manner that is guaranteed to stir the stars. ‘Canaries' is relentless in its execution of Cuffed Up's narrative through a blend of indie-rock and punk vibes, combining the two to create a radical track that is sure to rattle cages. 

Cuffed Up have revealed that they will be on the road with The Joy Formidable in November; check out the dates here:

'Canaries' is just the beginning, so keep an eye out for more songs in the coming months. 


Lilly Hilton 


IMAGE Source: Official Single Artwork 

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