Saturday, August 07, 2021

Alt-indie group Sükko’s latest single is well worth ‘Taking Your Time’ on!

Since their debut in 2018, indie-pop band Sükko have written, recorded, and produced their music in a bedroom studio. But don’t mistake this, or their relative newness on the music scene, for having an undeveloped sound. Fusing a range of genres, from dream-pop to jazz and reggae, the band, based across Norfolk, Sheffield, and Lincoln, have already crafted a distinctive niche for themselves.

‘Take Your Time’ is Sükko’s first release of 2021 and the lead single for their upcoming debut EP, ‘A Violent Deep Feel’.

The hazy colour-blending on the track’s cover art bleeds over into its sound, opening with gorgeous vocals over a dreamy, slow beat. 

The rise and fall of a trumpet in the backing track contributes to this bluesy atmosphere. Rich lyricism complements the depth of the lead singer’s voice as they muse on the transience of an adolescent relationship: “a careless age of innocence / we long for a higher calling.”

The track kicks up a notch into high tempo as it segues into its chorus, feeling almost anthemic. The continuous infusion of trumpet makes this an effortless transition, as the beat ramps up beneath the triumphant “when I see you at the weekend…” The shift that takes place between each verse and chorus really captures the beauty of early relationship experiences, always underlaid by a sense of urgency and time slipping away.

This thematic thread intertwines on the song’s bridge, with its insistent beat and recurring lyrics, “you say you regret it / now you’re trying to forget it”, striking a balance between the verse’s languidness and the chorus’s high energy.

Wall Street Live described a live performance by Sükko in 2019 as demonstrating “compelling vocals and swagger”, both of which are present in heaps on this new track. They display an edge and confidence that could have you believe the quintuplet are far more seasoned musicians than they are.

The band have recently announced their debut headline show in Norwich Waterfront this September. You can grab your tickets HERE.

We can’t wait to see them in action again and hear the new music they’re keeping under wraps!

Eleanor Burleigh 
Image: Take Your Time Official Single Cover Art (PRESS)

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