Sunday, July 18, 2021

Your next track to jam to, sing along with, and obsess over - FEVER’s ‘Time Will Define’

FEVER’s new single ‘Time Will Define’ delivers emotionally charged lyrics over satisfyingly simple instrumentation. With its shining synths, reverb-y guitars, throbbing bassline, and energy-driving drums, it’s just one of those songs that justifies itself.

This newly released ‘classic’ has an infectious melody that I have no doubt will stand the test of time. 

This is especially true of the song’s chorus, where lead singer James Harrod declares “time will define/if love’s the answer, I want to make you mine/if love’s forever”, accompanied by starry synths. I’d be surprised if, by the track’s explosion into its second chorus, you don’t find yourself singing along.


On the topic of Harrod, this song allows his unique style of singing to really shine. He has a somewhat pop-punk vocal style that is refreshing when combined with the band’s synth-infused, indie-rock sound. Furthermore, packed with layers and harmonisation, the backing vocals that accompany his expression of anthem-pop emphasise Harrod’s lyrical conveying of emotion.


Regarding the aesthetic created by this sound, I am here for it! FEVER seems to let their music speak for itself. Simply stated and incredibly powerful, the band knows that they don’t need anything else that might get in the way of their impressive and honest song writing. ‘Time Will Define’ is a must-have in any coming-of-age playlist.


They’ve also released an awesome music video that shows they know exactly how to fit their image to their sound. It shows nothing more than the five-piece playing the memorable track and delivering an emotional performance. It’s the perfect way to portray the idea of losing something that you’re still hopelessly holding onto. You can watch the music video here.


When it’s possible again, I am massively excited to see FEVER getting to play this song in arenas.


Time Will Define’ was released on the 8th of July 2021.



Christian Koller


Image Source: ‘Time Will Define’ Album Artwork

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