Saturday, July 17, 2021

Lorne Vincent has been looking for this

Australian indie artist Lorne Vincent has recently dropped a new single, entitled: ‘Looking For This.'

The song commences with a bouncy, irregular percussion track that immediately catches the listener’s attention.

It doesn’t dominate the track, but instead, provides a base for Lorne Vincent’s voice to flow over.


As ‘Looking For This’ progresses, the drums become much more conventional but retain the synth snare at the end of every beat. 

It’s immaculately produced and will attract music fanatics to its originality.


Vincent possesses an incredible voice, capable of operating at impressively high pitches - his rhythm is also perfect, which is shown off on multiple occasions in ‘Looking For This.' In terms of the pitches that Vincent’s voice can hit, at around the 2:15 mark, he reaches a breathtakingly high octave.


It adds a lot to the emotion of ‘Looking For This,' and refreshingly, there is a distinct lack of any autotuning or voice editing. Autotuning does work in some cases, but here, the lack of it makes the song even more powerful than it already is.  


Despite the song’s jazzy approach and inherent bounciness, it also has a peculiar melancholic feel to it. It’s an indie track by definition, but modern R&B tropes are present and the song is much better off for it.


Lyrically, the song is especially beautiful - it presents an all-too-familiar image of young love and how it can change our lives, for better and for worse.


‘Looking For This’ is an extremely radio-friendly song, but don’t let this dissuade you from its quality. It’s a very well-made track, with plenty of heart and soul poured into it. Lorne Vincent is a breath of fresh air in the modern music scene, combining the best elements of various genres to create something truly special.

Jimmy Johnson

Image: 'Looking For This' Official Single Artwork

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