Thursday, July 01, 2021

Wynona Supply Some Much Needed Optimism With Vibrant Debut Single ‘Get Back To Myself’

Bedroom pop duo, Wynona have released their dazzling debut single, ‘Get Back To Myself’, and it does not disappoint. 

Written in the depths of Osaka in early 2020 and reworked in the intervening months, ‘Get Back to Myself’ is an ode to overcoming feelings of isolation and homesickness. The track exudes hope and optimism with its soothing guitars and lyrics of reassurance during difficult times. 

The band consists of partners Natalie and Rich, who found themselves unexpectedly on the last flight from Osaka back to their hometown of Hampshire, UK in Spring 2020 due to the ongoing global pandemic. 

This allowed the pair to view their time in Japan through rose-tinted glasses, something which is certainly felt through the song’s uplifting instrumentation.

A sense of comfort and nostalgia is created by Natalie’s luscious vocal delivery along with the silky-smooth guitar melody which runs throughout. Given recent events, the track has taken on a new meaning, and its catchy chorus of “I just can’t wait to get back to myself again” is sure to resonate with listeners.

A captivating combination of confessional lyrics, “I could hardly even make it through the evening / without crying on the sofa in front of the TV”, and relatable lyrics, “Oh no I think I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard those songs”, are delivered in an effortlessly cool Liz Phair-esque tone.

The accompanying music video depicts the repetitiveness of isolation, with Natalie resting her head on a piano or singing to her own reflection in a mirror. The infectious guitars build during the chorus, where Natalie sports a lilac power suit under a kaleidoscope of confetti and a glittering disco ball.

During the cathartic instrumental outro, Natalie rises from the bathtub in one of the video’s final frames; the rooms in the house are empty, suggesting she has finally broken her repetitive cycle. ‘Get Back To Myself’ is a superb debut single from Wynona, with its vibrant vocals and easy-going instrumentation providing a sense of nostalgia and optimism.

Sarah Taylor


Image: Wynona Press Shot via Sonic PR

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