Thursday, July 01, 2021

Lucy Deakin Releases Her Break-Up Guide With New Single 'How To Lose A Guy'

Thinking of ending your relationship but not sure how? Lucy Deakin's got you covered.

Her latest single, 'How To Lose A Guy,' takes a comical stab at the fragility of the male ego whilst also completely owning the crazy girlfriend stereotype. Hoping to dilute her boyfriend's affection by "Speaking 'bout all his ex's / Laughing at all his flex's / Reading all of his texts," Lucy could probably have given Kate Hudson some ideas in 2003 smash-hit rom-com, 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.'

Whereas Kate Hudson inevitably falls in love with the guy she is trying to lose, as per the traditional Hollywood blueprint, Lucy instead wants nothing more than to "wake up all alone."


'How to Lose A Guy' is perfect for easy, background listening and will sneakily make its way into your head, unable to forget the catchy hook and facetious lyrics. The acoustic guitar carries the majority of the song with some additional harmonic and textural support from the synths. This mix allows Lucy’s strong vocals to powerfully cut through, which later develop into a fun, almost choral layering of vocals to drive the song home. 

The accompanying music video shows a bored Lucy with her boyfriend, growing more intolerant towards the relationship as the song progresses. However, the twist at the end demonstrates Lucy’s self-awareness of her delusion but is so desperate to be by herself that she is past the point of caring.

Patriarchal standards have often made women feel as if they must dwindle themselves down into a smaller, more socially accepted, digestible version of themselves - never having too much of an opinion or thought and needing to carry themselves in a way that appeals to the male gaze. However, by Lucy stating she only wants her independence rather than a man and openly admitting “I'm trying hard to creep him out,” she completely rejects these outdated notions. 

The track is entertaining and refreshing in that Lucy simply doesn’t care about being perceived as crazy. Instead, she completely owns it and it becomes apparent that what appears to be a light-hearted breakup song, may also have a deeper underlying feminist theme.

The bubble-gum pop production and tongue-in-cheek lyricism place Lucy in the same musical realm as other successful songstresses such as Charli XCX, Marina and The Diamonds, and Demi Lovato. Lucy's stance in the music industry is continuing to grow, having previously been labelled as 'Big in 2020' by BBC Introducing's Rob Adcock and featuring in multiple Spotify playlists such as "Fresh Finds: Pop" and "Best New Indie." 'How To Lose A Guy' will only heighten her success and further solidify her position as a seriously bold pop artist.

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: Lucy Deakin How To Lose A Guy Official Artwork

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