Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Lottery Winners Continue Their Fine Run of Form on New Single ‘Favourite Flavour’

Over recent years The Lottery Winners have garnered a strong following as one of the most carefree bands in the country. With a knack for a pop hook and an ability to not take themselves too seriously, the quartet have managed to go from strength to strength in a career spanning over a decade, whilst earning a loyal fanbase along the way. 

The group from Leigh threatened to go stratospheric in January when Nickelback picked up on their sea shanty mash up of 2006 mega hit ‘Rockstar’The Canadian rockers went on to post the video on their own tiktok and released the track on Spotify, where it has racked up over 5 million hits.  

With the release of new single – ‘Favourite Flavour’, we find a band at the top of their game, creating choruses to die for over layers of major chords and shimmering guitars that have become hallmarks of their music, except now they have the ears of the world listening. 

Lead singer, the larger-than-life Thom Rylance, often manages to keep lyrics upbeat and positive. Never do you feel like the weight of a song may drag him down, as his charming and playful words always seem to find the perfect balance between optimism and exuberance. Even on ‘Favourite Flavour’, a song that is not scared to flirt with ideas of the mundane and boring, we find the positivity of the band seeping through in its soaring summer sound. 

As the singer proclaims “When I come home / Knots inside me come undone / I think I found my someone” with an infectious joyful swagger, it’s hard not to be whisked away by the hopeful outlook on the world the band manages to facilitate. The whole sound of the band, with their upbeat mood and jolly instrumentation, allows such joy to seep into the lyrics in a natural way. It empowers each song to soar on the wings of it’s own exultation. 'Favourite Flavour' is almost certainly the best example of this The Lottery Winners have released so far. It sets the standard for which all other alternative bands with a penchant for pop should strive for. 

Yes, The Lottery Winners are unapologetically pop. Yet this is nothing to turn your nose up at, in fact, the raw unadulterated jubilation found in ‘Favourite Flavour’ is a welcome relief from the masses of negativity that has percolated into our collective world over the past 18 months. I’ll certainly be playing it on repeat all summer long, and if you’re having a bad day, I suggest you do to. 

James Ogden 

Image: Official Single Artwork 

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