Sunday, July 18, 2021

Pixey prepares us for summer with her latest single ‘Sunshine State’

Pixey’s latest release ‘Sunshine State’ is the injection of positivity that we all need as a summer of normality fast approaches. 

The track is the latest release since her March 2021 EP, ‘Free To Live In Colour’, and preserves her bedroom pop style – but with an uplifting summer twist and possibly the first glimpse into a new era of music from her.

 Liverpool-based Pixey, who describes herself as ‘the indie Britney Spears’, delivers a positive call to action over layers of edgy harmonies, reverb-heavy guitar, and hard-hitting drums. 

With empowering lyrics, such as “Our revolution has only begun” and “Show the world that you can’t be stopped”, Pixey gives listeners the motivation that we have all been lacking over the past year. Accompanying her powerful lyrics, the dreamy guitar that Pixey has mastered immediately hooks you into the track and her euphoric, carefree world.


Pixey’s positivity trickles into the energetic chorus, “Leave life behind, forget your mistakes/ Now we’re living in a sunshine state”. Within these lines, Pixey dreams of a world full of positivity and unity, which are both highly sought after at the moment. I can already picture the return to outdoor live music: a warm summer’s evening, and a buzzing crowd belting the catchy chorus with lines, like “Let the beat make your troubles go away”.


The accompanying music video, directed by Vasilisa Forbes, maintains the retro vibes of Pixey’s earlier videos with the grainy effect of a vintage camera. The video plays with split-screen effects, similar to moments in her video for ‘Just Move’, where sections are cut up to replicate the style of photo booth pictures. By contrast, in ‘Sunshine State’, the two sides often show Pixey smiling and singing beside bright flowers or a blue sky, creating ultimate feel-good summer vibes.


During her video, there is a scene where Pixey dances in a skate park and a field, and all you will want to do is get up and dance along with her! The video is upbeat and busy and perfectly shows off Pixey’s infectious positive energy.


‘Sunshine State’ is the perfect summer tune for chilling in a field with your mates. You should be extremely excited to see what Pixey has in store for us next!


Robyn Hill


Image: ‘Sunshine State’ Official Single Artwork

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