Sunday, July 04, 2021

The Lathums Are Back With 60’s Inspired ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’

Since the release of their debut EP in 2019, it’s reasonable to suggest that The Lathums are one of the biggest new bands in British alternative music. 

Having amassed over four million streams on one of their Spotify singles, almost three million on another, and over 150,000 average monthly listeners, it seems the boys from Wigan are slowly seeping their way into the mainstream consciousness of England’s music listeners. 

In possession of a reported seven-figure Island Records contract and a support tour of The Blossoms soon to be under their belt, The Lathums decided now is the right time to release their wonderful new single –‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’. 

The song has an unapologetically vintage sound with its major acoustic chords and Hawaiian-inspired slide guitars. If the four-piece from the North West had formed in 60’s Britain, in an alternative universe, then their new tune would have been a guaranteed number one smash hit for the band. 

The charm of ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ lies mainly in Alex Moore’s soulful voice and optimistic outlook on life. As the larger-than-life Moore implores people to “Let the children have the chance to see / Just how beautiful life can be” we get the sense of a band filled with anticipation for a better world. The Lathums are on the move and charging into what many believe to be a bright future for the group, which may well influence their desire to seize each day. 

With a run time of just two and a half minutes, the track is a blast of a Beatles-Esque Rock ‘n’ Roll pop hit of a bygone era. The sweetness of the sound and the innocence of the earnest lyrics are what make it a great antidote for the negativity that has seeped into our lives over the past year. 

‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ may not have reinvented the wheel of what a song can be, but at its core, the track is a wonderful example of how a positive attitude can have a remarkable impact on your life, you just need to give it a chance. 

James Ogden 
Image: Sam Crowston 

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