Sunday, July 04, 2021

The chill vibes of summer emanate from Get Born’s latest single, ‘Laguna’

Crashing waves, warm summer beaches and easy-going indie rock go together like salt and pepper. 

This theory is most recently proven with the release of Get Born’s single, the aptly titled ‘Laguna’, which utilizes crisp production, gentle guitar work, and lush vocals to create a melodic slice of summer utopia.

A repetitive drone sound opens the track, which is soon accompanied by sumptuous, dreamy guitar tones that invoke surf rock (complete with Beach Boys-esque drum and bass) and a recording of waves gently crashing on the beach. 

The mood, it is safe to say, has been set. 

Beautiful vocals are introduced, with gentle male and female harmonies keeping us buoyed, floating on aural waves. The lyrics and delivery almost contain melancholic flashes that would not be out of place on a Lana Del Rey track. The song conjures wistful nostalgia for summer and times past, enthusing the eponymous Laguna to ‘swim out and be swallowed by the waves’. 

This image manages to sound both comforting and, with the somewhat emotionless delivery, vaguely distressing. With some more tasteful guitar licks, the song soon fades out, once again to the sounds of waves.

Get Born’s previous release this year was the E.P. ‘The Never-Ending List Of Things I’ve Got To Do’. Containing some darker, more folk-influenced material like the political critique ‘Ode To Capitalism’, and the existential plod of ‘Absurdist’, the band is obviously capable of exploring substantial modern topics. This single represents a lighter touch, but it will be interesting to see how this blend of catchy melodic talent and strong, unique lyric writing will develop in future releases.

Although this wistful indie genre is replete with likeminded bands, Get Born manages to excel with charm and excellent production. Overall, ‘Laguna’ is a fun and relaxing single, perfectly timed for the summer season and would-be well-suited humming in the background of any family barbeque (weather permitting, of course).

Josh Lambie


Image: Provided by Get Born

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