Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The EP turning your relationship red-flags into electro-pop anthems; Hey Violet’s ‘Problems’

Southern California-based band Hey Violet have broken the two-year silence since their last album with a new EP titled ‘Problems’.

The punk-rock elements of their previous releases seem to have evolved into a unique pop sound with catchy electronic overtones.

The EP consists of four tracks: Problems’, ‘Breaking Up With A Friend’, ‘Dear Love’ and ‘Reflection’, and even before the first listen, the romantically revengeful theme to the small collection of songs is clear.

However, unlike the classic revenge ballads of artists like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo which top the charts at the moment, ‘Problems’ has taken a new approach and quite possibly revolutionised the post-break-up song.


All four tracks have taken feelings of pure angst, frustration, and heartbreak and transformed them into electro-pop anthems through explosive electronic sounds and evocative lyrics. There is an undeniable contrast between the darkness of the words Rena Lovelis, lead singer, sings and the vibrant way in which they are heard.


The first and title track of the EP, ‘Problems’ is seemingly the most popular so far, with over 600,00 plays on Spotify since its release less than a month ago. Previously released as a single earlier this year, the song is a musical release of emotions fronted by Rena Lovelis’s powerful vocals. The lyrics tell the ever-common tale of romanticizing the red flags of a relationship and the damaging effects this has. The upbeat and easy-listening vibe to the song perfectly reflects the rose-tinted mindset which is explored during the track.


‘Breaking Up With A Friend’ is the second song of the EP which is equally as catchy as the others. The lyrics strike a bittersweet balance between reminiscing on toxic pasts and focusing on new beginnings. There are underlying messages of moving on and independence, ultimately giving a positive edge that is not necessarily found in the remaining tracks. This message is perfectly supported by the fiery and passionate tones provided by Nia Lovelis, drummer, and Casey Moreta, the lead guitarist. 


‘Dear Love’ and ‘Reflection’ are the third and final tracks on the EP which provide a slightly mellower side to the overall vivid pop sound. As the title suggests, ‘Dear Love’ plays similarly to a musical diary entry, with an intense mix of emotions released cathartically through the lyrics:


“God, it feels like I’m outta my head, I’m outta my mind/ I spill my thoughts on the dotted line/Dear, love, I got all of these feelings/I gotta get them out right now”


‘Reflection’ is a self-critical analysis of the person you see in the mirror, with some tragic and beautifully relatable lyrics. Although on the mellower side of the album, the strong beat and synths undoubtedly lift the song to a much more buoyant-sounding tune than expected from such melancholy lyrics. The reflective nature of the song perfectly rounds off a strong mix of new releases from the band. 


There is no doubt that Hey Violet’s return with this new and improved sound has made the long wait worth it. The uniquely curated tracks have allowed the band to make their mark in the alt-pop genre and have left us with an EP set to be on repeat this summer. 

Lucy Burns


Image: Problems Official Album Cover

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