Thursday, July 08, 2021

Capitaine Monaluise releases stunning new single ‘Mixed-Up Generation’

Capitaine Monaluise has burst onto the scene with her vibrant debut, ‘Mixed-Up Generation.' The track combines elements of folk and rock to create a lively, uptempo jam with a distinct sound that’s perfect for summer.

Mixed-Up Generation’ is years in the making. Capitaine Monaluise discovered her passion for music at age 7 when she began singing in her school choir and playing the piano.

On her website, she states that she was influenced to start singing by the French children’s choir Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc. 

Despite her love of singing, she was a shy performer when first starting out. Her debut single is a stark contrast to that image, boasting powerful vocals and a unique sound that brims with confidence.


The track draws on folk and rock influences to create a fresh sound, while the lyrics are an ode to originality and optimism. With passionate vocals and captivating musicality, Monaluise sings, “We are the mixed-up generation / Full of dreams, fears, aspirations," and assures the listener that “It’s not too late." Paired with Monaluise’s rich vocals, the uptempo rock beat gives the song uplifting and electric energy. Luis Varela’s guitar and Pau Hebrero’s harmonica bring home the distinctive and boisterous folk-rock sound that gives this track its energy and danceability. With its carefree and spirited sound, it’s easy to imagine dancing to this song with friends at an outdoor concert on a hot summer night.


In her biography, the artist explains the meaning behind her name, defining “capitaine” as “a wild heart on a unique voyage into unchartered waters” and “monaluise” as “a righteous soul, determined to inspire and empower.” With the release of her debut, Capitaine Monaluise lives up to her name. ‘Mixed-Up Generation’ launches her career into uncharted waters with a unique, memorable, and inspiring sound. Success looks promising for this wild heart.

Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: Mixed-Up Generation Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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