Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Summer Rain deliver a rainbow of love, charm and youthful abandon on ‘Hold Her Hand’

Summer Rain’s debut release ‘Hold Her Hand’ is a pretty slice of AOR, perfect for a summer of escapism. With a clean sound and an anthemic quality, this song promises to allow for driving karaoke as you star in your very own feel good summer blockbuster.

As fortunate as we are that the Covid vaccine is being rolled out and many – including myself – have been able to get both doses, for me at least, it has come with some unpleasant side effects. Nausea, aches and sleep deprivation plagued me for a day after the first one and do so again now with my second. It’s a small price to pay if it means a return to gigs, festivals and club nights. What’s that old saying? No pain, no rave. No flu, no toilet queue. Something like that.


So to comfort me as I drove through the heart of Wales to get said second dose, on a scorching July morning, I listened to some driving favourites.  We all know what makes a good driving song; clean crisp guitars, a sing-a-long melody and a driving tempo perfect for not exceeding the speed limit. New Wave acts such as Squeeze, Pretenders and later releases from The Clash are often safe bets, so with a sound that evokes that era, Summer Rain’s ‘Hold Her Hand’ would be a suitable inclusion.


The Canadian trio promise ‘fun songs with guitars’ according to their Facebook bio and they certainly deliver on this with ‘Hold Her Hand’. It ticks all the boxes laid out above for a classic summer driving anthem. Musically it promises to soundtrack a better mannered ‘Easy Rider’ for the 21st century. The impressive melody has a universal quality that would perfectly accompany a montage of two lovers in that blissful honeymoon period of a new relationship; long drives on open roads, frolicking at the seaside, water pistol fights and maybe a stop at a fairground. “Would you like a bite of my Candy Floss, Marie?” one might say, holding a goldfish in the other hand, adorning a necklace with a stone Marie had chosen for them from the sand dunes. 


Lyrically, it is an innocent tale of trying to be with someone you truly love. It’s not that you haven’t heard it before, but lyrics such as “I hope someday I’ll be your man/I’m happy just to hold your hand” are delivered with a charming, childlike sincerity it’s hard not to be intoxicated by it. Of course illusions can be drawn to the Fab Four, but in context, it sounds like a nice in-joke between two close friends, than anything else.


Summer Rain come good on their promise with ‘Hold Her Hand’ and serve up a charming summer anthem. It would perfectly capture any romantic endeavour in this summer where escapism seems to be at the forefront. Whether you are in the band’s hometown of Qualicum Beach or more locally in Barry Island; if you need a contemporary song to soundtrack your Movie Maker montage, look no further.


Tom Pritchard

Image: Provided by PR

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