Sunday, June 13, 2021

Wolf Alice release a wave of harmonic emotion with newest video for ‘The Beach’

Wolf Alice have succeeded again with their third studio album ‘Blue Weekend’ and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

We’ve been blessed with another music video for the top song on the album ‘The Beach.’ 

The song starts off very slow and mellow which drifts along well with the simplicity of the first few shots of the video. 

The scenes grow with the music, becoming more colourful and exciting as the song progresses until it reaches its ultimate climax. It’s clear that emotions were running high with this piece because of the increase in harmonies, sounding almost gospel and angelic. This is also explored through the intentional surroundings placed in each scene such as the candles and stain glass windows as well as the application of colours like red, yellow and blue.  


The Beach’ is the first chapter of the later following tune ‘The Beach II’ which are both being used as introductory and concluding songs for the entire album, the pair giving a similar spiritual sound. 


The lyric “But I’m sick of circling the drain” is a clear metaphor for the feelings of the star of the video, guitarist and singer, Ellie Rowsell, and about how they feel the problems they are facing are taking a turn for the worst and there’s little to no way of stopping it. This line is almost foreshadowing the later clip showing Ellie struggling in her apartment as it fills with water, supplying the feeling of being trapped while the music intensifies. 


‘The Beach’ is a real inner monologue song, almost like an insight into a person’s brain. The words are metaphorical and deeply personal about feelings for a special someone. 


In a recent interview by Morgan Enos at the Grammys with Ellie Rowsell and Joel Amey, talking about ‘The Beach’, Rowsell stated, “I imagine hundreds of people chanting it.” I think this proves the intentional enchanting character to the song making it a virtual experience for the listener making them feel like they’re a part of something. You wouldn’t expect anything less for an opening to a Wolf Alice album. 


Anna Scrimgeour 


 Image: Jordan Hemingway 


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