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MEET... Nothing But Thieves

Who are Nothing But Thieves? The five piece comprise of Conor Mason (Vocals and Guitars), Joe Langridge-Brown (Guitar), Dominic Craik (Guitar and Keyboards), Phillip Blake (Bass) and James Price (Drums). 

Nothing But Thieves hail from the sunny little seaside town of Southend-On-Sea in Essex, UK.
The origins of the bands formation falls down to Conor who actually went to school with Joe , and Phil is Dom’s cousin. Joe met Dom through an ex, then once James joined the band, Nothing But Thieves were born.

NBT debut album was self-titled and released back in October 2015. The debut of the bands statement sound, NBT sound is far from being called small. ‘Honey Whisky’ is a perfect example of this, boasting huge drum breakdowns and ethereal keys onto of a resonant electric guitar loop. Connor Masons vocals are so emotive, his range has brought a new light onto the rock scene.  

A perfect example of the bands range throughout this explosive track. “This air is getting so thin. Go down, go down, go down. The honey whiskey’s kickin’ Go down, go down” Masons’ lyrical capacity is as powerful as it is emphatic, he builds his pre-chorus with playful repetition. 

The follow-up that continued the bands domination, ‘Broken Machine’, then dropped in September 2017. A true succession to the band growth into such an inovative melodic rock group that are capable of ethereal breakdowns and ear-shattering ballads. 

‘Sorry’ is arguably an example of the bands poetic progression into their ability to turn over emotive alt tracks. The first verse opens with a honest and beautiful composed declaration. “You might kill me with desire.Wind me tighter than a wire. It’s something that you do to me. I run away like mercury” Enticing our ears with a beautiful AA-BB poetic rhythm in this ballad, all in the first verse. 

Across the bands discography we can hear the presence of influences such as Muse and Radiohead, Connors vocals at their heights can certainly carry the falsetto bar set by Thom York. Even the approach to utilising subtly throughout writing their music, Mason certainly incorporates when creating his own music in comparison to that from the Radiohead legend. 

The band’s third album  ‘Moral Panic’ which was recently released on October 23rd 2020. The album spawned the pandemic anthem  ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’ Pandemic pending they plan to tour the UK & Ireland in 2021.

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