Saturday, June 26, 2021

This summer, rinse your ex out with Spud Cannon’s new album ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’

Coming straight from Vassar College, Spud Cannon is a NY-based pop-rock band formed by Meg Matthews (vocals), Ariana Bowe (keyboards), Lucy Horgan (bass), Jackson Lewis (guitar), and Benjamin Scharf (drums). 

Strangers at first, a love for house parties and Juno the rabbit mascot (which by the way is the protagonist of ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’ album cover) brought them together.

Jokes apart, after nailing the music biz with self-released ‘Squeeze’ and ‘Next Time Read the Fine Print’ Spud Cannon is now going to release their third album ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’ on June 25 via Good Eye Records. This 9-track LP was produced at "definitely-allowed" overnight sessions in the squash courts of the band's Alma Mater and celebrates Spud Cannon’s creativity.

Back in the spring of 2019, touring brought the band on the verge of splitting up, struggling to secure a space for the final show. Yet, that night, Lucy (bass) decided to throw the gig in the squash courts. It wasn’t as good as the band expected, but that rough yet authentic sound made the Spuds realize that those walls would be just fine to record an entire LP all summer long.

Inspired by Beach Boys, Ari, Lucy, Jackson, and Ben used to chill and write at Meg’s house in Poughkeepsie and then sneak in the courts after closing time to record without a metronome and get the takes as pure as possible. ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’ includes lead singles ‘Juno,’ ‘Supersonic,’ and ‘You Got it All (NOT),’ which is quickly gaining support on Twitter from anyone seeking a post-breakup mood booster to dance to in a bedroom like Emma Stone in ‘Easy A.' ‘Juno’ reflects “the electricity of possibility, the joyous tension just before a college night out”, revealed the band on Consequence Sound. It’s no accident that the title is the same as the movie with Elliot Page and Michael Cera. Coming-of-age movies, in general, have always been a large inspiration for Spud Cannon’s sound. ‘Good Kids Make Bad Apples’ could be the ultimate playlist for luna parks.

Made with sweet piano arrangements, ‘Lovely’ will smoothly carry you into the Tunnel of Love and the stiff drums of ‘Na Na Na’ straight to the bumper cars and their stroboscopic flashing lights all over the place. Then, ‘P.O.T.A.T.O.’ starts playing from the speakers and its cheerleader-ish lines will make you run and grab a ticket for the rollercoaster. If this isn't enough to charge your social battery and leave your comfy pajamas behind, that’s fine. You can always have yourself some Jaket Potatoes and try saving the Spuds’ members with a shopping cart by playing the band's videogame here.  

Spud Cannon has a lot to say about that funny weird process which is becoming adults. They might be young, but they know how to turn “bad apples” such as toxic relationships, breakups, and not feeling enough into cheering rock anthems. 

Lily Allen has finally met her match.  

Martina Bovetta


Image: Ella Baum

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