Saturday, June 26, 2021

Chatting With The Taylor Twins

Ollie and Edward's 'The Taylor Twins' described their music as "Exciting, Humorous, and Uplifting” with their debut track 'Lost All The Summer.', a magnificent indie-rock ballad that leaves you wanting more.

'Lost All Summer' was a smash hit and a great start to their career in the music industry. Naturally, we wanted to know what we may anticipate from the band in the future, and with talks of an album, we couldn’t be more intrigued. 

We had the opportunity to ask the band some questions about the single, as well as how being twins has affected their music. They reveal the meanings and influences in their song as they make their spectacular entrance into the music world with their indie-pop success. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Hey guys! How are you doing? 

We’re well…very busy with our writing and recording and rehearsing our live set for some gigs hopefully this year! 

We loved your latest track! Talk to us about 'Lost All The Summer'! 

It’s about lost opportunities and perhaps time wasted worrying about stuff you shouldn’t have…it’s written by us at this age, so it’s got some of that early twenties thing of wanting to get stuck into living your life… Our whole approach as a band on this was to be really free, so it starts like a ballad, then goes up a gear, then stops and comes back faster. We love that idea of playing around with what’s possible in three and a half minutes. It’s a fun ride to go on live! 

So, talk to us about being twins! Do you think this has any effect on the way you make music, as opposed to as if you weren't related? 

Yes, absolutely, sure it’s had a massive effect… For one thing we have hardly had a moment apart, so that means whatever we did we’d do it intensely when we were younger working on things together. We never had to organise it like we’d have had to if we were school friends. I suppose we could have been into completely different things, but music got us both. It’s always been a team effort…we’d be the whole band between us basically. 

Are there any particular inspirations behind your music? 

Looking back, we had a rich diet of great music growing up…it was just around, whether coming out of the CD player in the car on long journeys as kids, or at home. Our parents are real music lovers. Our Dad is a musician and producer, so it was normal to have musicians around the place and you’d pick up tips from them. You could say that our influences come mainly from  60’s and 70’s artists, who have inspired our love of melody, but it really isn’t limited to that, because we’re really into anything from any era that has some individuality about it. 

How would you describe your sound in three words? 

Exciting, Humorous and Uplifting. 

How did you guys cope during the pandemic? 

We just carried on with all the stuff we could, which was writing, playing, recording, and obviously any gig plans we had were shelved, like they were for everyone. We did get stuck in to building our own studio in the garage, with materials scrounged from all over the place. In any other year that would not have been finished, but thanks to everything else being on hold we had the time to do it, and we’re so glad we did. We missed our gigs of course, but thanks to each other and our family around us the Pandemic wasn’t too unpleasant to be honest. 

Do you think it held you back in any way? 

On the live side, yes, but only temporarily…you could say it gave us the time to progress…we just made the best of it. Like so many others out there we started filming sessions as an alternative to gigging, and we’ll carry on doing that regardless. 

What does the future look like for the Taylor Twins? 

We push ourselves to improve with every song, every recording, and just trust that there’s a point on the road ahead where we can be out there playing to people who like what we do. Maybe an album at some point in the next year or so… 



Questions by: Lana Williams & Lilly Hilton

Article by: Lilly Hilton 


Image: Provided by PR

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