Sunday, June 06, 2021

Snappy, Swelling and Shimmering, Meet FILTH

After a brief hiatus filled with soul searching and dreaming up new lyrics, FILTH are back and better than ever with their shimmering new release Fully Introspective: Love, Truth, Happiness’.

With a keen knack for producing stellar cuts and tales of love and loss through their unique blend of post-punk and psychedelia.

Fully Introspective: Love, Truth, Happiness', acts as an ode speaking out against negativity, a journey through self-introspection, and emerging in realisation of the love and happiness one possesses. If this new track is anything to go by, we're in for an exceptional treat with their upcoming releases.

New single in tow, we chatted with FILTH to talk new music and theirforthcoming EP.

To start off, who are ‘Filth’?

We are Jack, Lewis and Adam from Stoke-on-Trent. We’ve been mates since we were 5 and we’ve been playing music together since we were 15. Jack is our lead singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist and synth player. Lew is our lead guitarist and synth player. Ad is our drummer.

You guys have just come back from a short hiatus, what were you doing during that time?

Jack spent most of his time writing the E.P. we’re set to release at the end of July. Lew got into making airfix models of WW2 planes and Ad started working nights in a garlic bread factory.

Talk to us about your latest track. What is ‘Fully Introspective: Love, Truth, Happiness’?

Jack wrote the song as a polemic against the negative people in his life. It tells the story of his journey out of a long episode of depression, entering into therapy, opening up and finally realising what it takes to have love, truth and happiness in your life.

Are you hoping this track will offer a glimmer of hope to those experiencing similar things to those explored in the lyrics?

We really hope so. Writing it was a very cathartic experience and performing it feels the same. We hope that translates to our listeners and to audiences at our gigs.

What can you tell us about your new EP?

5 tracks were recorded live in the studio over the course of a single day at a cost of £50. This DIY approach and our limited budget has given the entire project an urgent and energetic feel that we absolutely love.

How long has it been in the works?

There’s 3 songs that we’ve never played live, written during lockdown last year, and 2 older tracks from before covid. We recorded the tracks in February but progress has been slow, for obvious reasons.

What three words would you use to describe the sound of your upcoming EP?

Snappy, swelling and shimmering

You have a gig coming up with Strange Bones and Calva Louise. What are you most excited about with getting back on stage?

We’re really excited to play our new material and get face to face with an audience again. It's a totally new set and a totally new sound.

Lana Williams
Image: Provided by FILTH

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