Friday, June 11, 2021

Luke Lanzon Returns with Nostalgic, Heartfelt, New Single ‘Mr. Bluebird’

Indie artist Luke Lanzon, from St.Louis in Missouri, has delivered his brand new single ‘Mr. Bluebird’ and he has not disappointed.

Mr. Bluebird' is soft in its production and melodic in its make-up.

Lanzon’s signature vocals are the centerpiece to this track and offer a nostalgic and personal feel to the composition as a whole.

The vocals are raw and desperate and leave room for discussion as the question that needs to be asked is in relation to the bluebird itself. Is it a place? A person? A feeling? Lanzon most definitely leaves the listener inquisitive. 

Upon first listen, it could be argued that the track is reminiscent of the music made by ‘The Beatlesin the 60’s and not just because of the similarities between their infamous ‘Blackbird’ and Lanzon’s ‘Mr. Bluebird’. The minimalist nature heard in Lanzon’s production and the use of few instruments accompanied with the analogue acoustic nature of the track creates an evocative feeling of emotion. Its simplicity creates a much more personal feel to the song in general and makes the listener question – once again – who Mr. Bluebird actually is.

The meaning behind the song is blurred and with Lanzon not yet declaring the song’s actual meaning, his listeners and fans are left excited and wanting more.

Production wise, it appears the song has been left predominantly unedited, exposing the instrumental tracks in their natural-sounding light as opposed to mixing and editing them through a chain of different effects. The piano - which is the most central instrument alongside Lanzon’s signature vocals – appears to have been slightly compressed in order to balance the overall mix. The harmonies heard in the line ‘Well the sun never shines when you want it’ add a beautiful dimension to the track, as at this point, we begin to hear more instruments being played - with the inclusion of a soft, ambient snare drum - applying texture and a low fidelity aspect to the piece.


Overall, Lanzon has extremely impressed with this new single. His sound is growing and along with it, his popularity. There are certainly some exciting times ahead for the young singer-songwriter…



Charles Scarrott


Image: Luke Lanzon Official ‘Mr. Bluebird’ Single Artwork 


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