Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Kev Olden Poses A Gentle and Honest Conversation in New Single 'Time We Have Left'

Kev Olden is an indie folk and alternative rock artist currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Originating from Cork, Ireland, Olden relocated to Canada just before the initial COVID-19 outbreak thrust the world into what would become a seemingly never-ending series of lockdowns, enabling him to begin releasing music that is a culmination of personal introspections and tender, spacey soundscapes. 

With a sound described as “melancholic, atmospheric and instantly memorable”, Olden capitalizes on all of the traits listeners know and love about indie-folk and alternative, with a personal and intimate flair that makes his work distinctive. 

His new single, ‘Time We Have Left’ is a reflective tune similar to the likes of Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and Jack Garret (all artists whom Olden has referenced as musical influences in the past). 

The song begins with twenty seconds of a drifting, atmospheric lead-in, as a soft synth echoes and swells alongside a gentle acoustic finger-picking. When Olden’s vocals enter, they do so in a soft and broken manner, setting the scene with the lyrics: “Standing out in the cold / On a day no cars pass by / I know this view is getting old / Couldn’t fake it if we tried”

This track brings with it a visceral sense of imagery. Though the song doesn’t set out to describe a particular setting, the listener instinctively feels as if they are residing with the artist, somewhere outside on a cold day in a small town, faced with a gentle confrontation from those that truly care about them. 

The lyrics throughout this track are deep and thought-provoking, sung in a soft-spoken tonality yet easy to distinguish and fully understand. Each gentle word hangs in the air like a heartfelt message earnestly waiting for a response. 

The hook of the song, “And I need to let you know / There’s a choice when / You decide to fill your head / With poison” offers solace and a gentle, trustworthy form of candor to its listener. Olden pairs his lyrical aptitude with a peripheral and ambient musical backing that features the usage of warm and intimate sounding acoustic pickings, harmonious swells, and reverberant drums. 

‘Time We Have Left’ creates a feeling reminiscent of the quiet moment after the storm, the moment in which we take a deep breath, look around and reassess where we stand. Indie and alternative fans worldwide will surely feel a sentimental and fulfilling connection to this artist. 

Addison Rider


Image: Lauren Howe

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