Monday, June 07, 2021

Fox Evades Channels Modern Day Dreamyness With New Singles ‘Bira’ and ‘Someday’

Meet Fox Evades, the multi-talented one-woman show by Jordan-Mae. Having played guitar from a young age and studying music technology at college, Jordan paved the way for herself and created the solo project, Fox Evades.

Jordan started releasing music under the stage name back in 2020 with the debut single ‘The Heart That Drowned’. Since then, Fox Evades has also released new singles, ‘Bira’ and ‘Someday’ which have gained further traction on BBC Radio Derby, Leicester, and Nottingham, as well as making their way onto multiple Spotify playlists. ‘Bira’ and ‘Someday’ are both beautifully unique, and tackle two important issues: climate change and identity.  

Bira’ was inspired by Fox Evades’ first-hand experience of observing the damage inflicted upon the oceans due to mankind. Thus, inspiring her to write a song from the perspective of the Earth; the lyrics “paradise is here today then gone tomorrow” reflect the deteriorating state of our planet and how we may be causing more harm than we think.

Musically, the song is quite minimalistic, allowing each instrument to shine through in a well-blended mix. Delicate guitar motifs compliment the warm, low tones of the bass, and are a perfect backdrop for Mae’s haunting vocal harmonies. Draped over a relaxed trip-hop beat, this makes for a mesmerizing and hypnotic track.

In contrast, ‘Someday’ is an important moment in it’s own right, discussing self-discovery and the longing to find your identity. In a world that can be so restrictive and, at times prejudiced, Fox Evades wanted to create a song for “the people who have ever been made to feel like they can’t be themselves”. The accompanying music video further represents this idea and showcases an expressive, celebratory journey of experimenting with gender identity.

With the melancholy vocals, "I'm mystified, misidentified, terrified, all the time / I guess I’ll find my way someday", the song gives a realistic insight into the struggle of those who are longing to find their identity in a society that can be judgemental and biased, whilst also remaining hopeful that there is an eventual acceptance and sense of closure to be found. 

Someday’ runs in the same ethereal-pop vein as ‘Bira’, with both tracks emitting dreamy energy. Paired with honest and conversational lyrics, Fox Evades has demonstrated the ability to truly connect with an audience; the singles are inspiring, comforting and personal, and are the perfect songs to lose yourself in.

Rachel Feehan



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