Sunday, June 06, 2021

Faded Shades are ‘Second Guessing’ On Their Latest Single

Described by Faded Shades as “an indie rock stomping tale of a love turned sour”, ‘Second Guessing’ has been released as a single in anticipation of the Kent-based band’s forthcoming second album. Recorded at a professional studio, their sophomore album is expected to be a monumental step forward from their 2018 debut record ‘It Gets Heavy’ which was recorded in a DIY home studio.

The band claim to be inspired by the likes of Lou Reed, Arctic Monkeys, and Oasis, and this can be heard throughout ‘Second Guessing’. The track sounds like a 21st Century, modernistic version of the Brit-pop genre, bringing the raw and slightly rough around the edges sounds of 90’s rock and roll to the present to be appreciated again in the year of 2021.

Similar to the sounds of bands such as Oasis, the song is driven by electric guitars and drums, which are classic and renowned instruments within the rock genre. The track begins with an imposing and striking guitar riff, and it follows a typical verse-chorus-verse structure throughout. The bridge of the track is a notable guitar solo, before the track launches back into the chorus in the outro.

The lyrics of the track see the band’s lead vocalist second-guessing his relationship, as what was once a tender, affectionate, and reciprocated love gradually turns sour over time, leading to the questioning of whether his partner has ever really been in love with him at all (“Its times like these that I wonder, darling / Have you ever been in love? / 'Cus I can’t hear it no more”) on the chorus.

The track presents Faded Shades as a band that are at the forefront of reviving the sounds of classic rock and roll in the modern day. ‘Second Guessing’ may not push the boundaries of the genre, but the song’s strength lies within its ability to capture the best elements of rock, serving as a reminder of the appeal and charm of the genre, and presenting it in all its glory.

Alongside the single, the band have also released a B-side acoustic version of ‘Second Guessing’. This version features an instrumental of piano and strings, to add an element of vulnerability and emotion to the song, thereby displaying both the versatility of the song and of Faded Shades as a rock band.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: Second Guessing Single Artwork

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