Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Desert Bloom release euphoric indie tune ‘Throw Me a Bone’

The month of May marked the return of Las Vegas indie trio Kameron, Xavier and Kennedy, better known as Desert Bloom, with their new single ‘Throw Me A Bone’, a classic indie tune. 

‘Throw Me a Bone’ starts with a catchy guitar riff before bursting into a 4-minute euphoric mix of vivacious drums, swanky guitars, epic bass, and soothing vocals. 

Although the production and instrumentation of the song are cheerful, the lyrics express the downfall of a relationship and the exasperation and irritation felt towards someone you once loved dearly - but now all you can do is fight and argue. 

These emotions are strongly presented through the punchy guitars and soft singing voice of the lead vocalist Kameron, as he sings lyrics such as “I can't stand it when you get so close to my face (throw me a bone).” 

The culmination of the song comes both with the bridge and the final chorus. Within the breakdown we are initially blessed with both a drum and guitar solo before the vocals come in chiming, “I meant every remark / aimed straight unforgivingly at your heart / so take the wheel and man your own damn car”. The final chorus forms the pinnacle of the song, with a climaxing guitar that is accompanied by strong energetic vocals – the production is epic.  


Alongside 2019 single ‘Shut Up: It's Showtime!’, ‘Throw Me a Bone’ has earned itself a position of one of my personal favourite Desert Bloom tracks thanks to its blissful bursting energy; I wouldn’t doubt it would be the same for many other listeners. 

We look forward to seeing what else Desert Bloom has in store for us this year. 


Lian Lakhope 

Image: Throw Me A Bone Single Artwork 

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