Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Bask in the sunshine with Alex Julia’s newest track ‘Like The Sun’

New Jersey native Alex Julia is a singer/songwriter mixing all the best parts of alternative rock and indie-pop. Having released her debut EP ‘Better Part of Me’ in September 2020, Alex has gained exposure both in America and internationally, with spots on college radio charts and tracks still in rotation on over 14 stations. 

Unconventional, quirky, and just plain fun, Alex is a libra that balances her creativity and musical aptitude with a playful approach to her work. If you go on Pinterest, you can find a recipe for a Hawaiian pizza inspired by her, swapping ham for hearty Canadian bacon. Wherever you stand on the pineapple on piazza debate (I’m pro, for the record), you can’t deny that Alex Julia is brimming with personality and impish energy.

 If Shakespeare shies away from comparing his lover to a summer’s day, countering that they are “more temperate” than its heat, Alex Julia does not; in her latest track, her beloved is perfect like the sun. 

Evoking the all-consuming delight of falling in love, ‘Like The Sun’ is love-song that resists the pull of cheesiness. Although lyrics like “you feel like someone I’ve always known” may make a misanthrope roll their eyes, Alex is measured in her approach, offsetting the saccharine with a moody, distorted guitar.

Like The Sun’ is one of those tunes that feels like a soundtrack to your life. Mellow, atmospheric, strangely familiar, with a timelessness that is nevertheless reminiscent of 90’s soft rock. Perhaps this nostalgic feel has something to do with Alex’s vocals being similar to that of Mazzy Star or The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan, or maybe it’s the slight country sound that seeps through the acoustic guitar and the steady rhythm that rocks you into a state of rapturous comfort.

Whatever it is, ‘Like The Sun’ bottles it up and lets you drink it down until the last drop, saturating your body with radiant warmth and endless bliss. 

Liza Kupreeva 


Image: Alex Julia ‘Like The Sun’ Official Single Cover 

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