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Chatting with Joell Jordi: Manchester and Cosmic Britpop

Cosmic Britpop and classic Manchester tunes meet their match with up and coming 90's inspired spectacle Joell Jordi. Teeming with jangly guitars, heavenly lyrics, and glimmering sparks of hope, Jordi has perfectly cemented his ability to produce the utmost of delightful tracks. 

His latest cut, 'I Can Give You' blends together 'a day in the life' visuals and poetic lyrics to create an atmospheric and completely encapsulating narrative. Divulging into the struggles of mental health and the impact it can have on day-to-day life, Jordi created the track to provide an uplifting escape to friends, family, and fans alike.

Despite having only first picked up a guitar at the tender age of fifteen, Jordi has perfectly built upon his Manchester background to create a unique twist on Oasis britpop.

To coincide with the release of 'I Can Give You', we chatted with Jordi to find out more...

First off, how are you doing! It’s been a crazy year?

Yeah I’m good, it’s given me time to get my plan together and get a straight head and find out where I wanna go and what I want to do as an artist. 

How has this last year affected your creativity? Has it thrived or been dampened?

No not at all, if anything it has given me more time to create write and piece together the music I love doing because it’s easy to steer off track and get ahead of your self so it’s helped me in some way to get back on track and be even more creative. 

Do you think being from Manchester has had an influence on your music?

100 percent, Manchester influences is what has shaped me as an artist, I can still listen to them today and they sound so current it never dies and that’s what I want to do keep creating and hopefully influence other people to do whatever it is they want to do. 

Are there any particular bands or artists that you take inspiration from?

I wouldn’t say band in particular because I do like all music of course I take pieces from different bands, like different licks scales, chords etc that sound nice but that’s inevitable because there only so many frets on a guitar so taking inspiration from each other is what makes new music. 

Tell us about ‘I Can Give You’!

So I can give you was wrote a long time ago, I can’t even really remember writing it tbh, but I do remember it steered in the direction of right this song is gunna be a big one and the way it’s going I want the audience to get some kind of uplift from it, it doesn’t have verses which relate to everyday life with regards to mental health which is why I carried that on throughout the song, the song itself has taken inspiration from friends and family who have struggled with mental health it is something to lift their spirits. 

How did working with Dean Glover come about? Is Dean someone you’ve always wanted to work with as a producer?

Yeah it was top tbh, Dean has massively helped shape me as an artist, he was the one who said where do you want to go and what do you want to do, so I threw some ideas at him he threw some back and I’ve ended up recording material with him which is my best work to date, he helped me shape the cosmic britpop vibe I am going for, yeah he’s very very talented, he’s the best I’ve worked with to date anyway. 

When writing a new track what’s the process? Do the lyrics or the instruments come first?

Hhmmm this is a tricky one because it’s not necessarily a process, it kind of just happens, I could be sat in a pub and think of a random top line and write from that, I could the sat playing the guitar and come up with a riff and wrote from that, yeah it’s complexed and different everytime. 

How does the artwork link to the single? What was it like working with Tony Davis?

So... I was on Instagram funnily enough looking for some inspiration for the artwork I wanted something that screamed this song and I stumbled across a photographer named Tony Davis as you said, and he’s got tons of pictures from the 80s and 90s and early 2000 in his archive which he puts up for auction on “The British Culture Archive”, anyway I stumbled across a picture where, in 2000 he came out of a train station in London to see some homeless men lay on the ground at the lowest of lows with nowhere to go, with a woman in the background with a glare on her face that speaks volumes because that’s what we do this Day and age, everyone instantly judges, not thinking these people are suffering mentally and physically and need a “helping hand” which I thought for really well with my single “ I Can Give You”. I messaged Tony and he got back to me and said yeah no worries course you can use it, so yeah I loved it and here we are. 

Do you have any other new music in the works?

I do have new music in the pipeline for later in the year something a little bit different, something to keep all parties interested so keep your eyes peeled. 

Lana Williams


Image: Provided by Artist

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