Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Chapter and Verse’s Post-Lockdown Comeback Single ‘Something In The Water’ Was Worth The Wait


Chapter and Verse’s new single ‘Something in the Water’ is an electro rock thriller, whose punchy chorus takes center stage.

Life for any artist within the last year has been confusing to put it lightly, but it seems that Chapter and Verse have managed to keep their head above the water, playing virtual gigs such as the Five4Five fest.

Whilst the world has stood still for the past year, The East London Alt-Rock Quintet have quietly working behind the scenes, with this new track marking their post-pandemic return, putting themselves back into the spotlight.  

Starting off with some mysterious electric synths that pan from left to right, “There’s something in the water / I think it’s coming to get me” echoes in the ears as the synths begin to increase in volume. The intensity of this three-minute song is set from the start, with the panning synths, coupled with the eerie vocal keeping the listener hooked. As the track progresses, the intensity is sustained, as some punchy kick drums and a digital snare start to command the song.

Just as the tempo is set, electric guitars are introduced changing the tempo of the song and grabbing it by the horns. The guitars are paired with some more complicated drum patterns. This very brief introduction of the guitars is a reminder of what is to come in the chorus and does away with the more electric elements. 

Channeling Royal Blod with past paced, heavy guitar and drums adding even more depth to the piece. The track grapples back and forth between both styles, effortlessly changing and keeping the listener on their toes. The real star of the show however is the chorus. The more heavy elements blend perfectly with the lyrics, and the progressive chord changes heard only extenuate the depth of the lyrics further.

 Chapter and verse have booked themselves a slot at Reading and Leeds 2021, and this latest track proves that they have most definitely earned it.


Dan Jones

Twitter: @DanJonesNews

Instagram: danjones_98

Image: Something In The Water Official Single Artwork

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