Friday, May 14, 2021

YNES Is Reminding Us How Things 'Used To Be' When We Were Young and Free

Fans of the English-Canadian artist YNES will be ecstatic to know that the spunky, independent artist is set to release her new and nostalgic single ‘Used to Be’ on May 14. 

The Coventry-based singer has performed at places like Godiva Festival, headlined at The Tin, and played on Islington Radio and Love the Beat. Obviously, these are only fragments of her successes, and there's more to come. 

This new single is an example of how talented she is, especially given that her self-promotion has formed the basis of her music career, as well as how stupendous her music truly sounds.

‘Used to Be’ is an honest and edgy song, about growth, that takes the listener on a journey through that suppressed emotion people feel when dealing with the stages of development from youth to adulthood. The song's beginning is sweet and light, with a steady beat and a soft, bouncy rhythm from the guitar. The lyrics in the first verse scream "typical teenager"— like "I would've loved to meet you last week at the arcade/we can catch up and get drunk and uber back to your place." 

YNES did a fantastic job expressing how we yearn for our youth and what youth is exactly—living young, wild, and free—especially in the chorus "I wanna sing old songs/ I wanna get real drunk/ I wanna add my ex on Facebook/ I wanna need you like I needed you/ I wanna hear you call me your best friend." As the song approaches its ending, the song builds to an edgy point, and the intensity increases. The cherry on top is the rage and longing heard in YNES's voice towards that belts out the chorus.

The new single will be released through the new label, GRRRL GROANNN, formed by West Midlands musician Bryony Williams & Indie Midlands. You will find ‘Used to Be’ on all major streaming platforms, where you will also find her EP ‘Sit Down, Grow Up’ on the major streaming platforms as well.

YNES's 80s/90s retro style and moxie make it impossible to not adore her and her music. She's a rising artist who, from the looks of her social media presence (which she manages herself), stays true to her art, fans, and herself. We are all excited to see her continue to rise!

Taylor Berry

Instagram: @_taylorberry20_

Image: YNES 'Used To Be' Single Cover

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