Friday, May 14, 2021

Alannah Moar delivers a heartfelt message in new single Middle Of The Night

Feelings are not easy to manage; sometimes they scare us, and we try to suffocate them, or we might be embarrassed by the way we feel as we are under the impression that these feelings do not “fit us”. 

Other times, we are overwhelmed by them as we do not seem to find a way to contain what we have inside. Regardless of what they are and why we feel them, in their intangible consistency they remain beautiful.

And if there is someone who has the sensitive ability to sing flawlessly about feelings, Alannah Moar demonstrates that clearly in her brand-new work, a four-minute track called “Middle of the Night”. 

The Scottish self-taught songwriter created a perfect song that presents a perfect harmony between her delicate voice, and a catchy yet sophisticated melody.

The sound of the violins in the first few seconds of the tune is then joined by a very powerful and clean bass line, followed by a drum beat and a folk guitar that build the skeleton of the song. The lyrics sung by the singer tell a love story that was destroyed by someone who cheated, one of those that you see coming, and even if you try not to pay attention to them, the feelings are too evident to be ignored but also too painful to endure.

 “What did I do to deserves this?” Alannah asks herself, but this question is left unanswered, as she does not fall into self-pity, she states proudly “You could have fooled me. You haven’t fooled me”, claiming the self-respect that she has for herself and the courage of walking away from a love that she does not deserve. – she deserves better. Alannah shows her ability to write excellent songs that resemble pieces and feelings taken from everyday day life, which is confirmed in this new tune, showing just a glimpse of her incredible talent.

Middle of the night will be available on all major streaming platforms from Friday 14th May 2021, but until then you can catch up with Alannah’s latest single “Lovesick” on Spotify.

Laura Ferrarese

Instagram: @laura_ferraresee

Image: Provided by Alannah Moar

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