Sunday, May 30, 2021

Willie Jones has us ‘Down By The Riverside’ with his latest summer anthem

If Kanye and Taylor Swift were to collaborate, their music would not be dissimilar to that of country-hip-hop star Willie Jones. You would think that these genres would be hard to blend, however, Jones has created some funky vibes which seem effortless and are certainly pleasing to the ears. 

The 23-year-old impressed the judges on the 2012 X-Factor US series before rising to fame with his unique, crossover musical style. The singer released his revolutionary debut album ‘Right Now’ earlier this year, which features powerful tracks including ‘American Dream’, ‘Train Wreck’ and ‘Down for It’.


Willie has just released his new single, ‘Down By The Riverside’, his first release since signing up with Sony Music Nashville. The track is sure to be a summer anthem and follows Willie’s distinctive blend of R&B and traditional country styles. 

In true country manner the song opens with a harmonica, which is merged with a heavy beat and an electric lead guitar. 

When Willie begins to rap you can quite clearly hear his deep Southern American twang in his vocals. The lyrics are a testament to his deep Louisianan roots, from cornbread to cotton, to rodeo and two-steps. 


You can find me out where the corn and the cotton grow / Way down south, crackin’ bone slammin’ dominos / Welcome to the ratchet black zydeco rodeo / Boss Hog, I'ma dog, I'ma billy goat


The tune was co-written by Willie Jones himself, Josh Logan and Jason Afable. In a recent press release, Jones described the song as a “straight Louisiana jambalaya: Swampy, Sexy and drippin’ all over the floor...Jason, Josh and I have a great chemistry and this one hits hard from that first harmonica lick and keeps you greasy ‘til the end.


The tune inevitably has you tapping along within the first ten seconds of the song, and like Willie said, keeps you greasy until the end. 


Rosie Morrison


Image: Gordan Clark

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