Monday, May 31, 2021

TwentyTwenty Continue To Develop Their “Scouse Synth-Pop” Sound On New Single ‘Ain’t Right’

Up-and-coming Liverpool-based band TwentyTwenty, who describe their sound as “Scouse synth-pop” on their social media pages,
have received an abundance of support from BBC Introducing recently.

 On their latest single, ‘Ain’t Right’, they pull inspiration from the eighties, whilst also incorporating some modern influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and Royal Blood into their alternative indie sound.

The song begins with a smooth verse, surrounded by a grooving psychedelic bassline, with lyrics that tackle mental health (“I know you’re not feeling great / Don’t worry about the time that you take”). 

The song follows a typical verse-chorus-verse structure. In the first half of the song, the chorus is performed as a shortened version, and the listener doesn’t experience the chorus in its full and expanded version until the second half of the track.

At both the beginning and end of ‘Ain’t Right’, there is a spoken word sample woven into the instrumental. The first instance of this is heard in the opening seconds of the track, when a male voice quietly utters “Could you tell us why / What made you change your mind”, almost drowned out by the instrumental of the track. 

In the outro of the track, the guitars fall away to reveal a synth melody, and a female voice is heard faintly in the background. Soon after, the instrumental fades away entirely, putting full focus on a male voice that questions “In the last few years, you have lost interest / So, what would you do?”. You can hear a tape whirring in the background as if this is a therapy session being recorded for a psychological study.

Serving as the third single that the band have released, and their first single of 2021, ‘Ain’t Right’ proves that TwentyTwenty are heading in a promising direction with their sound. They successfully capture the nostalgic feeling reminiscent of the eighties, whilst putting a modernistic and exciting twist on their influences.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: Ain’t Right Official Single Artwork

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